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Privacy and Security

Your privacy and privacy concerns
are VERY important to us... Chess does not rent, sell, or otherwise share client/site visitor's personal or personally identifiable information - such as e-mails, phone numbers, or addresses - with any third party entity or individual, unless specifically authorized or directed to do so, in writing, by the client(s) to whom such personal or personally identifiable information pertains or belongs.
Exceptions may apply under certain uncommon circumstances wherein Chess or its authorized representative(s) may be legally obliged to share such information. Chess adheres implicitly to the federal regulations enacted regarding implementation of the 'Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act' or "COPPA". Only the most basic of needed information may be collected to provide a 'Service', such as is entailed in the purchase of our products, tournament sign-ups, or joining of an affiliate or reseller program, to all 'qualified' individuals - inclusive of young people under 18 yrs. of age. Children under the age of 13 however, should have parental or legal guardian's consent and assistance for such involvements and interactions.
To see more information about "COPPA" and to view the full text documentation of the statute and associated federal regulations, visit:


With Regard to "WebCart" or Online Shopping Cart Environment Security...
This site provides a completely secure environment for credit card transactions; employing standard SSL encryption methodology for fully secure connections where necessary for private information transfer in the order placement process. This means that your credit card information is totally safe and encrypted for security when submitted for purchases in our shopping cart system. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal for your online buying convenience.
For certainty that your sessions are secure and encrypted, look for the letters "https" to preceed the URL in your browser's address bar. (For instance: "" will be visible in the address bar when you enter the secure pages of our shopping cart service.) The browser's "secure site" padlock icon may also be present during your secure session. The icon may look something like this: secure icon -- and may be found in your address bar or near the lower-right corner of the browser window.

"Cookies" and Their Use... Chess and/or KingCart(our shopping cart service) may use a commonly employed technology called *cookies to assign your Internet browser a unique random number, a sort of anonymous user ID that is stored in a file on your computer. Our site shopping cart system may use cookies to track, maintain and complete an order; and to recognize a user's subsequent visits in order to retrieve the appropriate corresponding information -as a "Customer Number", billing information or such. Chess may also employ cookies for marketing or response purposes in order to deliver content, advertising, or responses specific to your interests, requirements or previous inquiries. In this way, we can also tailor our site(s) or services to your needs... deliver a more personalized service, or track the pages on our site(s) visited by our users. Affiliate Programs also utilize 'cookie technology' for their affiliate customer tracking capacities and procedures.

*"Cookies are files containing information about visitors to a web site (e.g. user name and preferences, tracking id, etc.). This information is provided by the user during the first visit to a web server. The server records this information in a text file and stores this file on the visitor's hard drive. When the visitor accesses the same web site again the server looks for the cookie and configures itself based on the information provided."


How does Cajun Chess use your information?
Based upon information you provide - such as in forms that you fill out on our site, we may hold and utilize such information solely for the intended purpose of responding to your requests, inquiries, requirements or interests as pertaining to and/or indicated on the corresponding form. We may also utilize such information (as also indicated above regarding usage of cookies) for marketing or response purposes in order to deliver content, advertising, or responses specific to your interests, requirements or previous inquiries; or to best make available and tailor our site(s) or services to the needs of our clientele. Any such client personal information is maintained securely and confidentially in our files or database.

For any other questions or concerns regarding privacy, please feel free to contact: | full Contact Info page.


CAJUN CHESS ships via UPS.
We offer shipment in the following service capacities:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3-day Priority
  • UPS 2-day Priority
  • UPS Overnight Express Saver
  • UPS Standard Overnight

Shipping Costs
To calculate shipping cost, place your item(s) in your cart. From the cart, you may then check shipping costs for the entire order(up to that point) by selecting the country as needed, entering the shipping destination's zip/postal code, and clicking "Check Shipping". During the checkout process also, you will reach a screen displaying shipping options, with their respective costs, from which you may select.

Overseas Shipments
Please contact us for a shipping quote for overseas.

Method of Payment

CAJUN CHESS accepts the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Certified Check, Money Order, Personal or Business Checks, Purchase Orders (as applicable). Purchases made payable with check or money order must be sent by mail or fax, via our printable forms. Items ordered and paid for by check will not ship until the check has cleared.

Returns and Refunds


You have one week (7 days) from your receipt of item/s to notify us that you want to return an item. All returns to Cajun Chess are subject to the following conditions:

  • We will only accept returns from customers who notified us that they want to return an item. Once we've been notified, we will issue you an RMA Number that you must put on the outside of the box. IF YOUR PACKAGE IS RETURNED TO US WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER, DELIVERY WILL BE REFUSED.
  • All shipping charges are NOT refundable
  • All returned orders will be charged a 15% restocking fee
  • The item being returned and all of its packaging/accessories/components/documentation must be returned in the exact condition (e.g. unused) that they were received in
  • The items must be packed carefully and sent via a method that is trackable, has signature required for delivery and is insured. We recommend UPS or FedEx.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or loss that is incurred while the package is in transit.
  • All Media Products, such as Chess Software, Chess Videos and Chess DVDs cannot be returned for a refund under any circumstances.

All refunds will be processed and issued within 7-10 days of our receipt of the package. A refund will be issued via the same means that payment was rendered to Cajun Chess.


You have one week (7 days) from your receipt of item/s to report that an item had arrived in damaged condition. Only those items that are reported as damaged during this time period will be replaced free of charge. If you decide that you want to return an item that arrived damaged for a full refund, the return will be subject to the conditions below, including the restocking fee. While we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, in the past we have had customers intentionally 'damage' items they want to return in an attempt to avoid paying the restocking fee.


If, while your package is in transit, you change your mind about a purchase, please do not refuse the package. When a package is refused, FedEx will charge Cajun Chess both the full transportation costs to return the package to us, as well as additional fees. If you do change your mind about a purchase and refuse delivery of the package, you will be responsible for ALL transportation and delivery costs for the package to be returned to us. These fees will be deducted from the amount of your refund.

Return requests, accompanied by an explanatory note, must be shipped to:

c/o Cajun Chess Sales

12405 Hillary Step Dr.
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Please feel free to contact us in the event of any dissatisfaction with our products, need for "exchange" or any other such concern.

Pricing and Price Structure

Our low, 'wholesale' pricing is virtually unbeatable... Great quality and 'name-brand' chess supplies, at some of the lowest prices you'll find! Many - if not most - of our store products are offered with a great 'quantity-based' pricing structure.
An example of how our quantity-based pricing structure lays out in our product pages might be:

Quantity 1+ 4+ 10+ 20+ 40+
Price $7.50 $7.30 $6.50 $6.25 $6.10

For a quantity of 1 to 4 of this item purchased, pricing would be at $7.50 each. For a quantity of 4 to 10, price goes to $7.30 each... and so on. Any quantity of 40 or more is at $6.10 each.
As you can see, especially for large wholesale or general 'bulk' purchases, our price structure on such quantity-priced items can prove quite cost-effective.

See our Price Listing for always-current pricing. It is 'dynamically' generated, and thereby always up-to-date. Prices reflected in our cart product pages are as well always current.
CAJUN CHESS reserves the right to alter its prices or pricing structure(s) at any time, for any reason.

Bulk Pricing

CAJUN CHESS reserves the right to alter or modify its prices or pricing structure(s) for any particular customer(s), organization(s), or other puchasing entity at any time. Given such, a price reduction may be afforded a Cajun Chess customer, a regularly-purchasing organization or other such entity based on their overall puchase volume or other special circumstance(s).


CAJUN CHESS strives to provide the best quality chess supplies and equipment at the lowest prices... Guaranteed! We always attempt to be as accurate as possible when describing our products. However, if you receive a product from CAJUN CHESS and you believe it is unsatisfactory or not as described, you may return the product subject to our Return Policy. Should you have any complaints, concerns or comments about our products or services, please contact us immediately...

Photos and color 'swatches' in our store are meant to indicate, as closely as is reasonably possible, the authentic color(s) of the product(s). Most modern or 'up-to-date' computer monitors should interpret and display the color tones reasonably authentically, if not exactly. Due to differences in systems on which our website may be displayed - and referring specifically to the sometimes varying manners in which different computers, with their distinct monitors, may interpret and display color tones and hues - , the actual 'color' or color tone(s) of your received product may thus vary somewhat from that of its online display.

Purchasing Online:

Select Your Items, & Add to Cart...

A provision of KingCart Solutions, our online Shopping Cart is one of the most powerful, secure and best carts available - and one of the easiest to use. Simply browse our ample chess supply inventory, and "Add to Cart" the items or services you require. The cart is simple, easy to navigate, and quite 'self-explanatory' for use. As you are shopping, just click a "View Cart" link any time you wish to remind yourself of what's in your cart so far. Beneath the display of your cart's contents will be the appropriate buttons and links to modify/remove items, or complete your order. If not ready to complete the order, you may always continue shopping by following the store links as usual, or by clicking "Buy More Items" or "CONTINUE SHOPPING".

P. O. # / Customer ID:

On the 'CheckOut' page(the initial page displayed after adding an item to the cart or clicking 'view cart'), you will see an entry field for "CUSTID"(Customer ID). If you are a return-Customer and wish to enter your 'Customer ID' here, your previously-entered information(such as Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, etc.) will be conveniently retrieved from our database, and filled in for you on the following order form after clicking "COMPLETE ORDER" -- thus avoiding the need to re-type it all each time you order. Hence, unless your information has changed, you will only need to specify on the form your payment method for the particular transaction (under "Credit Card Payment, PayPal, etc....)".
Your unique 'Customer ID' was assigned to you by the cart upon placing your initial order from Cajun Chess. Your alpha-numeric 'Customer ID' can be found on any one of your purchase receipt Invoices which are emailed to you each time you submit an order. As seen in the below example, it appears under "PRODUCT INFORMATION --", just after your actual merchandise specifics, next to "CUSTID:" on the Invoice.
[Note: For return 'Purchase Order' Customers, this same concept and process is applicable; and your "CUSTID"(Customer ID) will act as your 'PO Number'.
Click here for specifics on placing Purchase Orders.]

A sample of the section of your emailed purchase invoice receipt that contains your Customer ID

Sample of the section of an email receipt containing your Customer ID
(The Customer ID shown on the above sample is, of course, only "generic" for demo purposes. Each Customer's ID is unique.)


This entry field is used when a discount/coupon number of ID from Cajun Chess will be used for the purchase.  When a current coupon code or number is provided in this field, the discount amount (or percentage) will be automatically applied to your order.

Shipping Calculator:

This convenient mechanism allows you, as it says, to pre-check your Shipping Costs before continuing with the completion of your order. Simply select your ship-to country(if applicable), enter the corresponding ship-to zipcode, and click "Check Shipping Costs"... A secure page will generate, displaying your available shipping options with their respective costs.
(Note that UPS requires their charges to be displayed on a separate page; so a "UPS Rates" link will be available to open a new window to view UPS rates.)

Completing Your Order:

When ready, click "COMPLETE ORDER". A secure page will generate(it may take a few seconds) displaying your cart and items, and the secure order form just below it. Correctly fill in all that applies, and click the "Please Click Here to Continue" button. Next will be a screen on which to select your desired Shipping option for the order. Click "Verify Order"; verify all your information as it is displayed on the following 'Verify Order' page; and, if all is satisfactory, click "Submit Order for Processing". If you are paying by credit card, a screen will generate that allows you to enter your actual credit card number and exp. date; then submit. If you are paying via PayPal, you will be connected to the PayPal server and provided a screen on which to enter your appropriate info and submit. Since we do not accept the 'e-check' online payment option, standard orders payable by check or money order must be made via faxed/mailed order-form or phone.

Purchase Orders

CAJUN CHESS gladly accepts purchase orders from verifiable schools, clubs or organizations. Our ultimate acceptance and fulfillment of requested purchase orders does, of course, depend upon our solid verification of the purchaser's qualification in this regard.
Documented Purchase Orders that will be used for purchases, cannot be used in the on-line shopping cart. You may fax or mail in your purchase order request via our printable order form(pdf file), on which you would indicate that it is a "Purchase Order". If needed or preferred, your purchase order request may be made via telephone, by calling 504-208-9596.
Contact us for any questions or assistance. Our contact information is as follows:

  • By Fax: (504) 208-9620
  • By Phone: (504) 208-9596
  • By Email:
  • By Mail:
    Cajun Chess Sales
    12405 Hillary Step Dr.
    Olive Branch, MS 38654
Cajun Wish List

If there is any chess-related item that you would like us to feature, please feel free to fill out and send our Wish-List Form. -We would love to hear from you!

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